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Oakland Field of Dreams (Taxpayer EIN 38-3802277) is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation and a tax-exempt charitable organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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If you’d like to pay by check, please print and complete this donation form, and submit with your donation check to the name and address below. Please make checks payable to Oakland Field of Dreams, put Endowment in the Memo line, and mail to:

Attn: Anthony Barr, Treasurer
Oakland Field of Dreams
c/o The Henry Levy Group, A CPA Firm
5940 College Avenue, Suite F
Oakland, CA 94618


E-mail: info@oaklandfieldofdreams.org



It costs roughly $25,000-30,000 each year to fund Rickey Henderson Field.
The idea is to provide an Endowment Fund with sufficient base funding to provide 4% as approximately 50% funding of the annual field maintenance cost.
Extra investment earnings above 4% will be re-invested to grow the endowment fund.
The initial goal is to provide $16,000 to OFOD each year — hence an initial base fund of $400,000.
The hope is to establish this level of base funding within 5 years, and to start to draw from it once it has reached the target.
To buffer against market fluctuations, other Endowments use a three-year average of 4%, rather than 4% of the past year.

Further goals are that as the base value if the Endowment meets certain other targets, to provide grants to other local sports groups, as follows:
1. At $400,000+ to provide 4% to OFOD (=$16,000).
2. At $500,000+, 4% = $20,000, and we propose continuing $16,000 to OFOD, plus $2000 to OTHS Softball Program and $2000 to OIHS Soccer Program.
3. At $800,000+, 4% = $32,000, and we propose the above, and $2000 to each of the six original OAL baseball programs — Castlemont, Fremont, McClymonds, Oakland High, Oakland Tech, Skyline.

Intermediate ($600,000, or $700,000) milestones for the baseball programs are also a possibility.

On Saturday 04/21/18, Board Members had already committed to $32,000 towards the Endowment, over 5 years.
In addition, the Fire Department, Station 08, has given us a check for $500 towards our Endowment.

We will need another group (Board) to manage the Endowment.
Call 510-759-6875 (cell) or email pwilliams@oaklandfieldofdreams.org if you have an interest in joining the Endowment Board.