Thank You!

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Bay Area Baseball and Soccer supporters:

Your response to our Campaign has been overwhelming — awesome in the old-school sense of the word. You met our $5,000 goal in about one day. You inspired three larger organizations — the Oakland A’s, Wells Fargo Foundation, and Honda of Oakland to match your contributions. All I can say is that we are humbled and honored by your generosity and caring. Thank you.

If you would like to continue supporting Oakland Youth Baseball, I encourage you can use the “Donate” buttons to the right.

We have recently started an Endowment Fund, with the hope that in five years time, RHF can support itself and other sports programs in Oakland.

If you would like to support the fine work of Soccer Without Borders, you should donate at:

Thank you for your generous donation, and for your support of Oakland Tech and Oakland Youth Baseball.  Your donation will help us maintain and enhance Rickey Henderson Field for current and future generations of East Bay baseball players.